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I was very happy to learn that my short story “Saving Sourdi” will appear in a new anthology next year, 2010, called LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION: READING, WRITING, THINKING, published by Bedford/St. Martin’s. The editors are Carol Jago, Renee Shea, Larry Scanlon and Robin Aufses.

The book is aimed at AP Literature courses but will also be used in other upper level high school lit classes.

I’m pretty psyched! I’m so glad that other people  can relate to the family in the story. The characters, although fictional, feel so real to me. I’ve been working on a novel about the family for many years now as well, and so the characters feel as though they are people I’ve actually known–I know their histories, their dreams, their backstory, their futures, as I’ve worked and revised and worked again on the novel. Writing can be almost a dreamlike experience in the way that real memories, imaginary people and images, half-remembered emotions come together to create a new narrative. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember what remains in the book, what I’ve decided to cut, what still needs to be put on paper; all the different versions still co-exist in my head!

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