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Around the world, Chinese in the Diaspora and in China are spending the start of the Lunar New Year (February 3, 2011) by celebrating the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit!

Families gather to eat hearty meals, give red envelopes with lucky money inside to children and unmarried young people, and set off firecrackers (originally to ward off evil spirits, now to celebrate the new year). Here in San Francisco, over the course of the entire month there will be street fairs, lion dances, the Miss Chinatown USA Pageant, and the largest Chinese New Year Parade outside China.

But for hundreds of millions of Chinese in China, the Lunar New Year (a.k.a. Spring Festival or chun jie 春莭) is also a time to leave the cities where they work–in factories or  on construction sites or in other jobs that city dwellers don’t want–and return home to the countryside where their families must live and wait. This is the only vacation these migrant workers are allowed in order to visit their families. Some families are separated for years on end. (For example, see the essay Waiting for Chinese New Year written by a 14-year-old girl whose parents have not returned home in three years.)

This mass movement of Chinese workers is the largest annual human migration in history. This year according to People\’s Daily, an estimated 230 million Chinese will be traveling home…mostly by train.

In honor of these arduous journeys, I am posting below a series of links to articles and videos, including the trailer for the award-winning documentary “Last Train Home,” that convey in words, pictures, song and video this annual phenomenon.

Amazing photos of the yearly migration 1995-2011

Chinese New Year migration, Guangzhou 2008

Video for the song \”Afraid to Go Home for the New Year\” (with translation of the lyrics provided)

Running Naked Man … Chinese internet sensation (he’s not really naked, but this article shows how one man became an internet sensation after he waited in line for 14 hours for train tickets home only to be told he couldn’t buy any. He stripped down to his underwear and confronted the ticket office personnel at the train station…and inspired Chinese with his chutzpah!)

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My new novel, DRAGON CHICA, is coming out this fall!

I’m happy to start the new Year of the Tiger with good news: DRAGON CHICA is going to be the lead title this fall from Gemma Media.

My novel follows the story of Nea Chhim, whose family has immigrated to America after the devastation of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. Of mixed Chinese and Cambodian heritage, 12-year-old Nea is trying to adapt to life in Texas when an apparition of the Virgin Mary in the permafrost of a local QuikMart augurs changes for her family… They discover a miracle of their own: A rich Aunt and Uncle have survived the Killing Fields and are alive and well in America.

Soon Nea and her family are moving to Nebraska to join Auntie and Uncle in running their Chinese restaurant, The Silver Palace, in a small town that Uncle dubs “business paradise.”

But when Nea arrives, she soon discovers paradise is far, far away. Nothing is as she imagined it would be. As Nea struggles to adapt to her new environment in a very small, isolated town, the behavior of her new relatives becomes increasingly strange…and alarming.

As she grows older, Nea will fight to uncover the truth—about her new home, her family and even herself—before her family’s long-held secrets tear them all part.

(If you liked my short story “Saving Sourdi,” you can read more about Nea’s adventures in DRAGON CHICA.)

I will post more information about the novel soon!

For updates, follow @Dragon_Chica on Twitter.

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