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I was so excited to learn today that artist Jerry Ma accepted my idea for an Asian American Super Hero called “Dragon Chica.”

Here was the description I came up with for her:

Dragon Chica is the name of a Cambodian American super hero whose family came to America after surviving the Khmer Rouge regime. She fights injustice, discrimination, and stereotypes.

Her super power: she kicks ass!

She can dance superfly, tradtional Khmer style and hip hop, which gives her amazing agility. She first grew up in a small town in the Midwest where her family was sponsored as refugees. She later moved, and has lived on both Coasts of the U.S., but as a superhero she can travel to where she’s needed.

Because of her experience having to fit in where no one else looked like her, she can shape shift, too.

And whatever you do, don’t ever call her Dragon Lady.

But if you’re alone and being stereotyped, or being attacked for your ethnicity, gender or sexuality, just call on Dragon Chica! She will lend a hand and use her superpowers against your enemies.

After all, she’s Buddhist and believes in helping others in need.

You can see Jerry’s full post Dragon Chica, Super Hero on his blog.

Jerry is an accomplished artist known for his many comics, illustrations, and fabulous tee-shirt designs. You can see more of his work on his blog: Jerry Ma\’s blog on epicprops.com .

I am incredibly honored and awed that my Super Hero idea made the cut. You can check out Jerry’s blog to see some of the other cool Super Heroes, including ideas from actors Parry Shen (BETTER LUCK TOMORROW) and Keiko Agena (GILMORE GIRLS) and other fans of Jerry’s work.

Jerry’s Sketchbook of Asian American Super Heroes is part of the global “Sketchbook Project,” in which artists around the world fill up the same sized 5″ x 8″ Moleskin sketchbooks with their own drawings. Then the finished books will be put on tour in cities around the U.S.–including Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Brooklyn, NY; Chicago, IL; Portland, ME; San Francisco, CA–before being put into the permanent collection at the Brooklyn (NY) Art Library, where members of the public can check them out the same as any other book. For more information on this amazing, global art experience, click here: The Sketchbook Project

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